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Stampatextyl creates the STX brand for his own collection of transfer paper to-over industrial designs with

up to 8 colors that allow us continue stylistic novelty according to the trends of the moment.

 In addition a park drawings always renewed has an archive that boasts more than a thousand drawings.

Our printing machinery have flexibility, speed and productivity that allows to execute orders

in a very short time!

 We realize drawings exclusively.
With the transfer paper it is possible to provide multiple products:

   1) in the fashion sector: clothes, t-shirts, shirts, underwear, socks, shoes and accessories.

2) for the furniture: curtains, bedspreads, pillows, armchairs, sofas... and much more.

The transfer paper has many features: speed in the printing process, the fabrics do not require previous treatments nor after the transfer and do not occur the structural variations of the fibers.

The transfer printing requires the presence in the fabric or garment to print 100% polyester for better chromatic yield, but you can also use in the polyamides, in nylon and in mixed fibers.

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